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ART-Maps - Decorative Geological Map Art

Explore our range of collectable, geological survey maps, art prints.

The unique geology art maps featured on this site are based on old United Kingdom geological survey maps at least 50 years old and some considerably older.

They start off as a representation of what’s under your feet, using arbitrary colours to differentiate different rock types and create something thrilling.

What we’re interested in is the shapes and patterns created by geological forces of nature over millennia, and how we can use these as the starting point for stunning visual art.

We have kept the form, flow and shape, keeping some of the natural colours while changing others to bring the underground to life in new ways. In most cases we have removed the surface man made features and left the work of nature underneath.

Flowing with vibrant colours and organic shapes, our work with tectonics and erosion creates moments to compare with the best of works of modern art.

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