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Printing the Art

Having decided on what areas to concentrate on and spending large amounts of time getting the look and feel of the art how I wanted it to be, the next stage was finding out how to print it.

I wanted a quality finish on quality paper. Too much time and effort had been put into the process not to give The Art the finish it deserved. I spent time talking to printers and visiting them so I could get to know what they could do and how closely this matched what I wanted.

Eventually I found a company in South Yorkshire who could print what I wanted. The limited edition prints would be produced on a five colour press. I was invited down to witness the first few samples being made.5 colour press

This was a good day as much work had gone into getting this far.

The time period from staring Art-Maps to the day the first print was produced was approximately 6 months. Actually from first looking at the original sheets to getting to the point of knowing what I was going to do with them was several years

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