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What to do with the maps…

We now had a large room full of books and maps. Sorting out the books was straightforward. Go through them all, keep the ones we liked, get rid of the ones we didn’t, and have some bookcases built- job done.

Two years later the books were still in boxes and the maps in a pile on the floor. Though this undoubtedly says something about our organisational abilities, it also says something about being overtaken by events-such as children, work and a dog that needs walking. It also says a lot about the price of bookcases!

Last Christmas I was thinking about the maps as I walked the dog. Using the dog as a sounding board I asked him what he would do with them? He brought me a stick.

Walking the dog and deciding on what to do with the maps

This was not useful.

I kept thinking about what I wanted to do with the maps, over time an idea developed. The word map in its simplest form is a diagrammatic representation of an area of land showing physical features, in a geological sense this is just rock strata. Geological processes, and the shapes and patterns that the rock under our feet could be twisted into led me to concentrate on this one aspect. If one took away all the manmade 'chatter' from the surface what would be left?

Thus began a slow process of removing anything from the maps that had human origins and putting shape and form front and centre. I come areas that looked interesting and then keeping the shape, changed the colours to accentuate features that I found intriguing. At some point during this maps metamorphosed from rock to art.   

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