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About Art Maps

Art Maps create and sell unique pieces of geological map art based on old geological survey maps from all over the United Kingdom.

The Art Maps journey is a personal one. We create beautiful art from one man’s collection of maps.

The Art Maps Story

It all started because of John.

John was my wife’s uncle. He was a Research Chemist who lived most of his life near Oxford in the house that his parents had built.

He was a private person who never married but was very pleased to see you if you visited (and I suspect equally pleased when you left). He was fiercely intelligent man who did not suffer fools gladly and their opinions were equally given short shrift. I liked him a lot.

What John liked were books and maps.

His house was filled with them, and I mean stuffed full. The diversity of subject matter always astounded me; fact, fiction, reference, hardback, paperback, journal. I don’t know if there was a filing system- if there was it was unique to John and certainly not Dewey Decimal.

The maps covered the whole of the UK and beyond. John liked to walk. He traveled all over the country by train most weekends to stay in a youth hostel to indulge his passion for the British countryside. In later life, when he was to infirm to travel, I think the maps helped him to remember past visits and trips.

When John died my wife inherited most of the books and maps. Eventually, after several large vans loads, they came to live with us in Yorkshire.

Some of these maps have now become the unique art maps you can buy on this site.